Monday, September 27, 2010

When It Rains It Pours!!

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The house seems to be needing repair after repair, after repair. First it was the microwave, then it was the hinge to the door, not to mention that the bathtub has a really bad leak, now the kitchen sink is leaking and the drip pan to our air conditioner has a leak too.

We have looked, and even though I may be frugal, I would like to get a microwave that still matches the existing appliances. So we have put that on hold. It gives us more time to save money for the Maytag microwave. On the other hand, I need to do something about the money going down the drain! My water bill has gone up $10 every month consistently.

I started to look online for some ideas. I found this site: and learned that you can use barrels to collect rain water. No we won't be drinking this water, but in Houston, when it rains, it doesn't just pour, it FLOODS! I can collect the water to use later and save on my water bill. We can water the yard. I can collect the water that is dripping from the faucets to use later. No more money going down the drain. I didn't get one since it is a little more than I can afford right now. I did get one from Home Depot that doesn't look as rustic, but will serve the purpose. I'll have to give you an update in a month or two.

They make some decorative items to use to collect the rain water, called rain chains: soon as I can afford one, I'm getting one!
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