Thursday, September 30, 2010

To All The First Time Parents

Ok, I just found out that there are a few new parents out there that don't know about all of the free stuff and coupons that you can get when you register as a new or expecting parent online. I know a lot of hospitals register parents but they don't tell parents about what can be done to save money.

I know that if you are planning on bottle feeding, you can register for Enfamil and Similac on the websites. I received several cans of Enfamil in the mail after my son was born. I didn't register for Similac until my son was a few months old, so I got coupons in the mail to use toward the purchase of Similac in the mail. Enfamil still sends coupons and checks for their products, and the coupons have changed to more age appropriate foods.

I recently registered on the Playtex website, (I don't know why I didn't register sooner) and I'm getting coupons for spill proof cups, and the bottles that we are currently using. If you are expecting, I strongly recommend that you register prior to the arrival of your baby. (A friend of mine had twins, and got a Diaper Genie free) You'll see that it is a few minutes well spent.
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