Saturday, August 27, 2011

Collecting Box Tops For Education

Box Tops for Education

I've been collecting box tops for a few years now. It started when my daughter was in elementary school (she started high school this year), but once we moved, the new school didn't participate in it. I usually have to ask around to find someone whose school is participating and give them my collection. It is really easy to do, I just put a magnet inside of a sandwich/snack size bag and stick it on the fridge. As my family and I see them, we tear them off and drop them in the bag. Once I have a decent amount to give away I start asking who would like them.

Now you are probably wondering why this would be a subject I would choose to talk about. Well if you have school aged children, you may have noticed that there are more and more school supplies needed for school. It isn't just backpacks and binders anymore. It is pencils, glue, crayons, paper, tissues, and paper towels. When I was in school, the school provided the thin brown paper towels. It has changed a lot. I have noticed that almost every product I purchase with a coupon has Box Tops on them. Since my husband is a teacher, I know that it was an uncomfortable year for us with all of the layoffs that occurred. He wasn't one that was let go, but he only has a 1 year contract. Anything can happen next year. Now most of the teachers that we know, pay for school supplies for the classroom, and the parents provide the additional supplies. So if the issue truly is a monetary issue, I think it would be good if we could get every eligible school to participate in this program and try to help out. You see EACH school that participates in Box Tops for Education can earn up to $20,000.00 using the 4 ways to earn. I know that doesn't sound like a significant amount, if you multiplied the amount of Elementary and Middle schools in each district, it is a significant amount that can be earned. I do see the value in coupons, the Box Tops can be just as valuable, especially if the item was purchased at a great price with a coupon.

Collecting them in the work place can be just as easy, the same ways some businesses have designated a clearly marked trash receptacle as a recycle bin, and recyclables appear in it. A clearly marked cup/bin in the work place can be just as effective. Your co-workers will take notice and donate, just give it a try. I'm not sure why my daughter's new school didn't participate, but I'm going to see if I can set them up. If you have any ideas or suggestions to help raise money for schools, by all means, please comment! They will be greatly appreciated!
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