Saturday, July 17, 2010

Target Shoppers unite!!

I had to go to Target, I plan on making my own baby food, so this was supposed to be a quick trip to Target.  I was looking for the Magic Bullet, I did my research online, and I was ready to get started.  I got what I needed and when I got home I realized the cashier failed to put some glass storage containers in my bag. Ugh, I had to go back to Target, hope that they would give me the item I had paid for.

If any of you are famliar with the Target on Hwy 290 and Hollister, there have been several businesses that have come and gone.  For some reason since there has been an increase of new businesses there lately, there are a lot of panhandlers too. I was pulling into my parking spot, when a man started to approach my truck.  It was still running, and by this time I became a little concerned, and locked my doors.  I was alone in my truck with the man standing on the other side of the driver's side door. He placed his hands together in a cup-like manner, and told him through my window and motioned with my hands; that he needed to leave or I would call the police.  I waited in my truck for him to walk far enough away for me to feel comfortatable to go inside Target.  I explained to the customer service rep about my missing item and she called a manager to help me. 

I decided to tell the manager about the man outside along with the missing item. Robert was very polite and asked me if I would mind if he addressed the situation outside prior to the missing item.  I agreed and we proceded to go outside so that I could identify the man for him. The same man was outside another vehicle parking in the accessible parking. They too had not actually placed the car in park yet. 

The manager asked the man to leave, and returned to tell me that he needed customers to tell him when this happens so that it will stop.  Don't get me wrong, the point is that if this continues, it will affect all of the businesses in that area. People will stop coming, and once again the business will be gone, including Target. We need to do our part and let all of those businesses know and perhaps there will be more security.

Thank you Robert for helping me today, and for making me feel safe when shopping at Target!
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