Sunday, July 18, 2010

Magic Bullet...Made my Baby Food Worries disappear!

I bought the Magic Bullet yesterday to see if I could use it to make my own babyfood, I was using a blender prior to this, and I was thinking to myself...this is definitley something a stay at home mom could do, not a working mom.  It was becoming overwhelming, and I was going to give up. I figured there had to be and easier way.  I called my sister (she is off duing the summers) and she told me to give the Magic Bullet a shot at it.

I brought the box home, and saw that there weren't any real specific instructions for baby food preparation. I had already done some research, and had printed out instructions, so I used that to make peach baby food.  Now somethimes I can overthink some things, so I was looking for an obstacle in using the product. I thought there would be a lot of items to assemble, or there would be limitations on what can be put in it. It is time for me to say I was wrong! This Magic Bullet is pretty much a no brainer, it is great!!  There is very little clean up, it is just the right size for me to make a couple of ice cube trays and continue to do the rest of the things I normally do before Monday.  My husband watches the baby for me while I do it, and even he has said that it doesn't take long.  He used it to make a protein shake and liked the different colored rims for the cups. I saw him looking for some more complex way to turn it on, I told him just to give it a twist. 

This morning I got up and realized that I forgot to buy some coffee... I had some coffee beans in the pantry that I bought by mistake a long time ago.  I remembered that the Magic Bullet can be used to grind coffee beans too.  This Magic Bullet is a life saver to me! It is going to help me save money on baby food, protien shakes (good bye Smoothie King), and now it prevented me from going to the store for morning coffee.

I'm going to have to give the Magic Bullet a "Rocket Clap"!! I love it!
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