Saturday, July 17, 2010

Customer Service Week

I'm a full time working mom that has the same basic needs as everyone else. I just want to take time and give feedback on the customer service that I get this week. I normally shop at Kroger on 43rd and Ella, and I usually do my grocery shopping on the weekends. I had to buy groceries, and was wanting to use Kroger's cupons that you can download to your plus card. It has to be done at least one hour prior to your checking out, to use the coupons that you've downloaded.

My husband decided that we needed to go to the store before I could download my coupons. I tried to use the website on my husband's iTouch, but for some reason the link wasn't working. I tried to use my new Droid Incredible (I hadn't even read the manual yet) in the car on the way to the store, and again the link did not work. I decided to go to the customer service desk and see if they could help me. I was surprised to find out that I was directed to the website to call for help. I used my cell phone and called the number on the website. Wouldn't you know it, the business hours do not include weekends, so of course no one was available to help. I was starting to get upset, so I asked for manager to help. I figured, surely he has a computer and would allow me to go online, access my account and I could continue to shop. (I don't think I was being unreasonable)

This gentleman approached me that had a familiar face, I explained to him what I needed to do and he allowed me to use his computer. I asked him if he has ever worked at another Kroger in Houston, and sure enough he has. He used to work at the one in the Heights on Yale and 20th st. !! I was happy, when I realized who he is and we continued with a little small talk. By this time, Patrick (the manager) had tried several times to get to the website (although it was working), but he couldn't get to it. We determined that there must be some type of security device on his computer preventing him to "surf the net" since he could only access work related pages on the site. I told him that I really appreciated him taking the time to try to help me.

He was so nice, and I left there knowing that Kroger has very good people working for them and that I will continue to shop there. I'm one of those people that thinks everything happens for a reason, so I'm happy that I had a problem with the website. (I wouldn't have had a problem if my husband would have given me time to download them from our PC) I would not have known about the excellent customer service that Kroger provided to me. I am truly a loyal Kroger customer now and I always will be. Thanks Patrick!
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