Sunday, January 16, 2011

Extreme Couponing

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I'm not sure if any of you have already seen the show Extreme Couponing on TLC, I saw the first episode last night. Now I'm not new to couponing, I use my binder to organize my coupons, and I do have a stockpile. I found this episode to be a little scary. I also know about the "rush" you feel when you have a significant amount of food for minimal money. I only got that in the beginning when I first started to use coupons. Now I pretty much know what I'm going to pay and the percent I've saved. The amount of merchandise these people have in their homes is incredible, and they continue to shop for more stuff. My jaw dropped open when I saw how much toilet paper was in the first person's stockpile. There was the "Crazy Coupon Lady" as she called herself, I was impressed with how well her son behaved while she shopped. I tend to get distracted by my kids when I take them with me shopping. Mr. Coupon  actually converted his entire garage into what appeared to look like a grocery store.

I'm not judging, don't get me wrong, if it works for them, then more power to them, but my family would call an intervention if I ever got to that point. I found it a little scary in that I do a lot of what they do on the show.

1. Do your research online (I use several online sources)
2. Clip and organize your coupons in a binder (It is purple and everyone has seen it at least once)
3. Stockpile your groceries (I keep an inventory sheet)
4. Know the terminology/lingo (I "stack", "stockpile" and "haul")
5. Know your math (I love numbers!)
6. Shop at Kroger (I love Kroger!)
7. Talk about couponing to others (I've posted my receipts on Facebook)

So the question is, did I enjoy it? Absolutely!! I will watch the entire series! Will you see me on the show? Nope, I'm not that good at it! I like to spend time with my family, I try to fit the couponing into my family life. It will never be the other way around. I do have some people ask me about couponing from time to time. If it happens during my shopping trips, I am willing to help. Do any of you use coupons? I would love to hear if you are an Extreme Coupon person or not, and the experiences that you have had.
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  1. I used to coupon like that before it became popular....I would always experience difficulty in the stores with the cashiers and then people would make remarks about why I was buying 40 tubes of toothpaste, etc. I would have stockpiles of things and it was driving my husband crazy!!! I actually just had that show on this afternoon and he said turn it off-it reminds me of when you did that!!!

  2. @rawkinmom I don't coupon like they do on the show, I do have a stockpile and a freezer in my garage. I got pointed at the other day when I was checking out. I will say this much, no matter how negative the stigma, more and more people are interested in it, otherwise there wouldn't be a show. you have any pointers?


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