Saturday, January 15, 2011

Do You Want $15,000.00!!

I called my sister on my way out and she told me that I had many blessings coming my way. I had no idea that it would happen that same night. You see, that evening I had no idea that I would be at a restaurant where the food was prepared right in front of you, and would be served on a piping hot plate. I was treated like royalty, I had about 7-10 servers at a time bringing me fresh coffee, clean silverware, clearing the table as soon as I was finished, only to bring me another helping. I felt a little overwhelmed, I mean I could not keep up with this never ending feast!

I was given soup, coffee, fresh bread, hamburgers, salad, juice, spaghetti and would make anything for me per my request! I was amazed at how quickly they were able to prepare the food and also clean the kitchen and utensils, this was a feat in itself. Every single person working there had such a pleasant attitude, and made my time there very enjoyable. I was sipping my coffee when the girl at the cash register showed up already calculating my bill. I started to become concerned, she actually placed the register on the table and sat down beside me. She stopped calculating and looked at me with such joy and excitement in her face, and said, "Do you want $15,000.00!!"... I couldn't believe what I just heard, she waited for my answer with a big smile. As what I just heard continued to sink in, I sat there speechless looking at her two Afro-puffs, her eyebrows moved up and down and her finger was hovering over the cash register keys ready to press another one.

She gave me a little nod, and I said "$15,000.00? Sure! I could use $15,000.00!"... She pressed a few more numbers on the cash register, and it popped open. She took out $15,000.00 and simply handed the money to me. I took it, and I must have hesitated, because she told me to put it into my pocket. I did, and the food continued to come. A minute must have gone by, and she asked me if I wanted $1,000.00 more. Again I said yes, and she gave it to me. This was probably the best night out I've had in years, and it is truly one I will remember for a long time! I went home with a big smile and made several phone calls to people to tell them about it!

You see, I am volunteering at my church, and I am working with 3 year olds. I didn't realize it at the time, but I was blessed by every kid that was there that night! They were so excited to have someone there that was willing to give them well deserved attention. I know that their parents have been served those same dishes, and have enjoyed them too. I just think they liked the fact that they could test out the dishes on someone new. It is a blessing work with children, I do agree with my sister. I truly have been blessed.

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