Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Thinking Inside the Box

There is something rewarding about doing things for other people.  I started sending care packages to the troops in Afghanistan this summer.  I had done it once before, during Desert Storm, but this time I’m much better at it. It could be that the soldier was a guy, and he was very low maintenance.  We did a lot of letter writing back and forth vs. care packages.  I still sent them, but I remember the letters more than the packages.  I do recall sending a hat and some cokes at some point…but the rest had to be the basic needs.
 I asked my daughter if she would like to help me select the group that we would like to send care packages to.  She decided that we should support an Army unit since she is in Army JROTC at school, and that we find some women. We found 2 units using one is a small unit and the other is very large.  Both units are from Texas (yes we are from Texas and that is what Texans do), so it already felt right for us.  If you are from Texas or a Texan at heart, you will appreciate the photo below.  If not, well someone once told me a long time ago…that you never have to ask someone if they are from Texas, if you give them enough time, they’ll just tell ya.  This is true, we are proud, loyal, and share a bond that we call home.  From one Texan to another, this package was very well received.
Now I’ve always been a person that likes crafts, and thinks I can be crafty, but the reality is that I’m not (ask my husband).  I’m terrible at wrapping presents, I do not even know how to tie a bow, and the last presents I wrapped for Christmas were wrapped in old Sunday comics and a pretty string.  So I started to do something a little different, but just as special as wrapping a gift.  Since the outside of the packages require a large customs form, and have writing on them that the U.S. Postal Service uses, it made it pretty easy to focus on the inside of the box.  Don’t get me wrong, a lot of people decorate the outside, I just choose not to. The box had lots of Pop-Tarts, Coffee K-Cups, some flavor-ice and other good ole American snacks.
This is the last care package I sent:
As you can see, more Pop-Tarts, some instant oatmeal, gum, sweet tea & pork n beans (not pictured).  I wanted her to to know that we are proud of her.  My 3 year old helped me glue the leaves and letters on, he loves to glue stuff. She really liked the package too.  My care packages are pretty simple compared to some others that some Any Soldier supporters send out (they inspire me to do a better job), but I’m proud of the outcome of this one, and it makes me feel even better to know that I made her happy.

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