Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Let's Create A Gas Price WAR!

Ok everyone, I've come up with a plan to try and create a price war among the gas stations. I know, I know, everyone has an idea. Please just hear me out, and if you can, support it for 3 weeks and lets see if it is working. Right now the gas prices are going to be outrageous by the time summer starts. I have a schedule on a Google calendar that we can use to boycott the big 3 for the first 3 weeks, after that, we will start to implement the program. It will take time for the news to spread, so I figured during the first 3 weeks we could avoid the big 3.

Here is the plan, there are a lot of gas stations that we can go to, and that is a good thing. So I've come up with a list that we will use and together we will start to use only the ones on the list for the corresponding week on the calendar. I've created a  Gas Calendar that is public, if you already use Google calendars, you can add the schedule to your own. The main thing is that without helping me spread the word about this, it will not work.

Please give it a try and show some support. I can't sit back and watch what is happening without making an attempt to make a difference. If someone has a better plan, please feel free to make a suggestion. I'm not looking to put people out of business, I'm just wanting to get the message across that we have tolerated this too long, and it has to stop. So please, help me spread the word, Twitter it, Myspace, Tumbler, it etc. You should see it as an event on Facebook already.
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